What Percentage…..

What percentage of your DPC practice is meds?  Here is what people said:

  1. So, I just ran some numbers today and found out about 21% of my practice is peds.
  2. I’m at 23% kids (age 18 and under)
  3. I am exactly 33% kids 18 and under as of 3 weeks ago (58/174). I’ve picked up 20 more since then, but many of them are kids so it probably hasn’t changed much
  4. I’m at like 12% peds
  5. About 15% for me.
  6. I have 18% age 18 and under – averaging $24/mo/kid – we don’t require a parent member and started out charging $25/mo for age 25 and under and quickly had 35% of signups in this category which was non sustainable so we upped the price to $50/mo and growth in this age category has slowed.
  7. 25%
  8. 22% for me
  9. 75%! (Not typical, I’m doing this on purpose).