Too Many Visits

How this conversation started: “Is 11 visits since April excessive for a healthy 18 month old?”

  1. I’m generally pretty good at managing anxious parents but these parents are on another level. I’ve probably deferred another 5 visits with phone/email. A few of the visits have been f/u on acute issue, but probably 8 totally different concerns on these visits.
  2. I sometimes wonder if “unlimited visits” doesn’t enable paranoia and dependence in some of my patients. Probably no worse than comprehensive health coverage would, though.
  3. Start blocking them. It is a training process, as you know.
  4. questions that come to mind: is something else going on in the household that they’re not sharing? Do you take care of the other 3 kids, and if so were they like this with those kids? Did they undergo any particular trauma or have friends or family who had something tragic happen to their kids at this age? Definitely seems like something is going on.