Should You Have a Copay?

Hell, no.  That is what the insurers implemented to keep people away. That is not what DPC is about.  It also gives patients flashbacks about being with their old practice.  You are different!  Anyway, let’s hear what some other DPC docs are saying:

  1.  I wonder if that is somewhat of a deterrent? I often contrast myself from a traditional insurance practice by emphasizing that there are no copays, deductibles, etc and that has seemed to resonate.
  2. Copays are not a value add for patients – they are a frustration. And (I’m a broken record here) no wholesale medicines. – this is a must for DPC.
  3. If you need a copay then your prices are not right.
  4. KISS.  The more complicated your pricing structure the harder it is for people to figure you out and that stops them from joining.  Simple, transparent pricing is the key.
  5. Don’t listen to outdated consultants!