Malpractice Insurance

You need malpractice insurance…obviously.   This section will not go into tail coverage, etc but you should thoroughly research that.  DPC docs DO get lower rates because of the smaller and more intense practices.  If you moonlight, however, all bets are off.  Does the hospital or urgent care cover you?  Does your own plan cover you?  You better figure that out.  Here are some thoughts:

  1. For NorCal, they understood that we are part time by patient numbers even if we are not part time by clinic hours. That was a big chunk of what helped him to consider discounts. The rest of it was the communication model for DPC. All of their research says that the better the communication with the patient, the less likely physician is to be seated. They love both the fact that a) see the model allows for unlimited communication, and b)our software integrates everything into the patient’s chart in real time.
  2. I got a $1500 reduction based on decreased patient volume.
  3.  It should be a no-brainier for them, numbers-wise. You go from seeing 3000 patients down to 500… See patients for 30-60 minutes and establish great relationships, your exposure goes way down. That’s all our malpractice guys needed to hear. Granted I met with the CEO to explain it to him in person. 🙂
  4. Talked to Cunningham group insurance after hearing about them at KC. They have quoted me DPC rates at almost 1/2 the rate we currently pay. He did say that usually the company look at the last 5 yrs so we only have 2 as dpc and 3 as conventional primary care. But each year over the next 3 we will get more of a discount. It is enough savings to cover our EHR cost
  5. My current carrier (Proassurance) is telling me my rate is determined by patient contact hours and not # of patients, which means the rate may not drop much if I am spending more time with a smaller number of patients. I am curious about which carriers you are using and how they are determining your rate
  6. Hey guys, good news: malpractice for dpc that is 40-60% cheaper. FINALLY 🙂…
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