Maintenance of Certification

The MOC is a crock.  Please see the ongoing debate on the need to have it and the amount of money these people rake in.  Voluntary?  I don’t think so. Anyway, here is some of the debate we had:

  1. Where does everyone stand on MOC? Because I no longer admit to hospitals, nor am I credentials with insurances, I have decided not to re-certify with ABFM. My BC will expire at the end of the year. In the twenty years since passing the initial exam, I don’t recall ever being asked by any patient if I was board certified, nor do I think anyone outside of medicine even knows what that is. I was thinking about paying for the NBPAS alternative certification, but really, that is still just a piece of paper that has little significance. I guess I am just concerned that in a debate with someone supporting the medical establishment, they could throw it out that I am not board certified so I am not a good doctor. Total BS, but it could be a distraction that undermines credibility. Any thoughts?
  2. I have re certified for the last time last year. Done. The ABFM is a scam. The ABIM is getting hammered and yet from our FP colleagues (sheep) nothing. Crickets. I will not participate with the MOC. I will probably pay the NBPAS fee and get that to cover myself.
  3. We did not re-certify with ABFM this year! Harry and I are done with all this nonsense! We did join the NBPAS, as it seemed reasonable, in our opinion. I am just worn out from this bureaucratic red tape rubbish!
  4.  I decided not to certify. It is a total scam.
  5. I’ve told them to kiss my ass
  6.  I’m going to maintain my board certification. Because I love tests.
  7. I feel no need to participate with MOC
  8.  I’ll be taking mine in November and that’ll be it. Need them to keep my credentials at hospital
  9. I just took my boards this spring so I can postpone any MOC decisions for a while. I may pay for NBPAS certification as well, if more of us do that it will help that gain acceptance.
  10. That is a very good point. If a few thousand doctors go with NBPAS it will be harder to marginalized or ignore them.