Getting Press

Getting an article written about you locally is critical. I mention this in my book.  Here is a discussion about that.

  1. Anyone that has had a local paper do an article on them: Did they contact you? Did you contact the paper? I am the only practice in our area that does DPC, and I think it would really help if I could get the paper to recognize it. Any tips?
  2. I just called our local paper, the journalist who rights on health care topics. He was more than eager to write a story. He did sort of throw us under the bus with his tag line. You could also ask for “last rights to review” before publication.
  3. What was the tag line? Did you think it helped your business?
  4. It wasn’t horrible, but got attention: Erie medical office to go insurance free
  5. I contacted them. Sent an email with a brief summary and a “news hook.”
  6. Right now the hook could be the fact that we don’t do ICD-10.
  7.  I contact the press early and often
  8. Follow them on Twitter and send tips or updates.  Oh and another thing I’ve learned that’s helpful is to write the article for them. No seriously. My dad would say that about lawyers and judges – the more the judge can just copy what you said, the more likely he is to side with you. I’ve written paragraphs for nearly complete articles/press releases and email them to writers. They’ll care who wrote it they just need words to print. Sometimes it helps to keep the facts straight as well.