Free DPC Ideas, Tips and Motivation


This page will collect and reasonably organize advice, recommendations and ideas from some of the best DPC docs in the country.   Most of this comes from healthy exchanges between a group of DPC friends and will remain anonymous. This is not legal advice.  It is NOT going to be edited well.  These are conversations.   Take what you will from this and check back often as I add more stuff.  If you want more, especially the basics, then I highly recommend you buy the book.

  1. Failure
  2. How Many Visits are Too Many?
  3. Dealing With Employers
  4. What Percentage of Your Patients are Pediatrics?
  5. Patient Turnover
  6. Patients Canceling Membership
  7. Cryotherapy for Warts and Such
  8. The Chronically Late Patient
  9. Taking the Bait from Third Parties
  10. Memes, Graphics and Videos to Motivate You
  11. How Many Patients Are You Seeing a Day?
  12. Buying an Autoclave
  13. Scheduling Your Week
  14. Real Patient Engagement
  15. Doing Other Jobs to Survive
  16. Charging an Enrollment Fee
  17. Discharging Patients for Not Paying
  18. Patients That Pre Pay for the Year
  19. Unable to Satisfy Some Patients
  20. Hardest Part of Being a DPC Doc
  21. List All the DPC Organizations
  22. Best Advice You Ever Received (in general)
  23. Audiometer Workaround
  24. GI: Colonoscopy/Endoscopy
  25. Getting Press
  26. Maintenance of Certification
  27. Facebook
  28. Should You Have A Copay?
  29. Malpractice Insurance