Book Reviews

For The Official Guide to Starting Your Own Direct Primary Care Practice:


“Dr. Farrago lays it down on behalf of oppressed doctors everywhere with a libertarian slap in the face to the Healthcare Industrial Complex that thinks it owns us. Smart, funny, and dangerously true, it’s a DIY manual for getting back to the “why” you went to medical school: to take care of frickin’ patients. This DIY manifesto for retaking healthcare will empower long-suffering doctors to regain control of their practices and better serve their patients. A must-read if you want to do primary care the way it was meant to be done, without the red tape or bureaucrats.”

Zubin Damania aka ZDoggMD


“Dr. Farrago should be against the laws of thermodynamics. He is a perpetual motion machine. Always innovating and finding new ways to advocate for patients. His book will help any physician transition into direct primary care.”

Vance Lassey, MD of Holton Direct Care



“I wish I’d had this book when starting my direct care practice! It is a very valuable resource, packed with practical advice on nearly every aspect of starting a Direct Primary Care practice. Dr Farrago’s wit, wisdom, and enthusiasm shine through on every page.”

Dr. Michael Garrett, M.D. of Direct MD Austin



“In this book Dr. Douglas Farrago provides thorough and clear guidance for any physician considering the Direct Primary Care route.  Readers will learn if the transition to DPC is right for them, how to go about establishing and maintaining their new practice, and what to expect along the way. Dr. Farrago provides a lively and frank discussion of the entire process, providing the reader with concrete steps to take and realistic expectations about the excitement and challenges involved. He is an innovative and pragmatic physician and businessman, and he has instilled this book with his wisdom, personal experience and his ever-present sense of humor.”

Lily Hargrove, MD of Ivy Family Medicine