GI: Colonoscopy/Endoscopy

We will try to use this page to compare colonoscopy and endoscopy prices

  1. I am in the process of negotiating prices with GI for upper endoscopy and colonoscopy. Can you all let me know if you have that in place and what the cost is? They are quoting me 1000.00 for upper, includes doctor fee, facitlity and anesthesia. 75.00 per biopsy with path read. Colonoscopy is 1,100.00 with same inclusions and combo of upper and lower is 1,400.00. That is their cash pay price.
  2. That is exactly what we have been quoted.
  3. We have used Medibid for a patient and saved some dough for him
  4. In my area a colonoscopy is around $800 for conscious sedation