Elevator Pitches

DPC is a service industry, which means you have to sell yourself.  Hence the elevator pitch.   Your messaging is key. You’ve never had to do this in fee-for-service world.  Now you do so welcome to the wild, wild, world of DPC.  Below are examples from the most recent DPC Nuts and Bolts Conference in November 2018.  These were submitted to be shared, stolen or copied:

    1. You know how people can’t get in to see their doctors and if they do it is for about 5 min or less?  What DPC does is offer a monthly membership model that allows me to treat a much smaller panel of patients.  In fact, since we don’t deal with insurance companies we can see patients when they need to be seen, give them 30-60 during each visit and ultimately even save them money.
    2. At ++++++++, we believe that going to the doctor should be simple and affordable.  So, we do things differently at our office. Instead of accepting health insurance, our patients pay a monthly fee and we see them as often as they need for whatever may ail them.  In addition to unlimited appointments, our members  have access to to discounted labs, like a cholesterol panel for $6, and wholesale meds, like BP meds for $1 and a Zpak for $2. Our patients can call, text or email their doctor directly for any of their concerns.  Would you like to learn more or sign up with us?
    3. We return medicine to a healing relationship between a doctor and a patient rather than a business transaction.
    4. “What if you didn’t have to wait for months to see your physicians, hours in a waiting room to only see your physician for 5 minutes, whom doesn’t pay attention to you, but can see your physician the same day, not wait, and have him/her spend time with you to answer your concerns? Well you can, with me, at ___________!”