Cryotherapy for Warts and Such

Don’t want to pay mega bucks for Verruca freeze or Histo Freeze anymore?  Here was our conversation about this:

  1. We currently use liquid nitrogen. We have a 5 L tank. It is about 13 years old and the vacuum is gone, so we refill every couple weeks, which is far too often. It should last a month at least. It costs us $80/month. Thinking about buying a 10L tank and cutting deliveries to every 6 weeks. Would love to hear about a workaround before spending $600 on a new tank.
  2.  $500 for new cryo tank, $450 for new cryo gun, liquid nitro is $2.50/liter plus $25 delivery fee every 6 weeks or so.
  3. I use this stuff for $25.…/dp/B00K1NH572/ref=sr_1_1
  4. Do you get much mileage out of a can?
  5. 18 hrs
  6. I don’t do a ton of cryo, but I’ve only had one can for the last 6 months and there’s still plenty left
  7. I use this with it and it works great.  They are pretty tricky to find! Here’s the link to mine:
  8. I get liquid nitrogen in a large dewar filled once per month for $75. He lets me use the dewar and a Brymill spray bottle with multiple attachments as part of that fee.
  9.…/dp/B00K1NH572/ref=sr_1_ $20/can
  10. actually most standard “electronics cleaning spray” is the EXACTLY same chemical (tetra-something or another) as brand “VerrucaFreeze” ($100-200/bottle). I’ve been using a generic type for along time. Works fine. And I’m not actually willing to a pay a premium for FDA approval process. 🙂 Nor pass along that cost to my patients
  11. I have a giant tank, really old and fill it every 6-8 weeks. I’ve never used a gun. I’m killing the environment with styrofoam cups and q-tips